Welcome Locations and Manufacturers to NuBrews!

Ever wonder if that new drink sold out because people liked it or if it was just something new to try? NuBrews will hopefully help you solve these quandaries. NuBrews started as a learning exercise and has turned into what it is today. We hope you join us for our Alpha of this webapp and let us know what you think!

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The more the merrier!

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See Your Feedback

When people submit their anonymous feedback you can see what they like (or dislike) and how many people like it in real time.

Talk to your fans!

Your followers have a Message Board that displays your last message sent out. Don't get lost in social media when you have a direct link to people who want to hear from you.

Manage your Location

Manufactures, create your drinks. Locations, populate a drink menu with an easy to use dropdown menu.

Add to your drink list

Putting your menu on NuBrews allows you get the feedback provided for your offerings!

Make it easier to be found

When people are looking for locations in our system a list can be populated showing near by locations. If your location is in our system people using NuBrews can find you more quickly.

Add NuBrews to your home screen!

NuBrews is a webapp. That means there is no download for NuBrews. This however does not mean NuBrews is hard to get to! Add NuBrews to your homescreen for it to operate like an app! You can, however, use NuBrews on any device connected to the internet. Click on the image to get an explination on how to accomplish this.